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In Him is life and light. - John 1:4

Apart from Him we can do nothing. - John 15:5

Jesus has fullness of life and purpose for you! -John 10:10


"Together, challenges are going to become adventures with rewards."  



Welcome! My name is Sharon Felder. I'm a Christian life coach and mentor.

Breakthrough, life-giving relational connection, empowerment and fulfilling purpose only come through progressively knowing Gods heart and His Ways through both His Word and Spirit.

                Discover and understand Gods purpose and plan in your current season while building                  powerful, authentic connection with Him for your life journey.

               Dismantle what has been trying to dismantle you and your purpose.  

               Build lasting legacy through Holy Spirit empowered wisdom, understanding, and
               revelatory insights
               Identify what is really going on and fix the root problem. 

               Lighten and leverage their load through innovative, creative strategies.

               Recover and discover powerful, authentic expression that has been locked up, or

               Find your true self again.



Client Experience

"For anyone looking to grow practically in intimacy with Jesus, I highly recommend working with Sharon. I always leave our sessions hungry for more of His Presence and assured that "more" is not only possible, but is the burning desire of His heart." - Emily, Greensboro, NC

"Sharon has a depth of insight that can only come from a deep relationship with God. She offers wise counsel and scripturally based words of knowledge that have really impacted my life these past few months. I appreciate the time she takes and the tools she has given me in the form of summaries and recorded sessions so I can go back over what was said and pray into it myself. I highly recommend her coaching services for whatever season of life you are in."  - Renee, Beverly, MA

“I highly recommend Sharon as a spiritual coach. Her prophetic gifting is strong and has a deep spiritual capacity that brings life and encouragement to the body of Christ and nonbelievers.  She is a seer with wisdom and maturity and a lifeline of strength in God’s Word and HIS Beauty.” - Ruth, Redding, CA

"Sharon is passionate about helping others regain their confidence and move forward in their God given-assignments. She lives a life dedicated to prayer and releasing the goodness of God so that divine strategies and solutions can be revealed and implemented."   - Lisa, Sturbridge, MA


"In the short time I have known Sharon, her words have been holy elixir. Until I heard her share encouragement from God and speak words of wisdom, I didn’t realize I needed to hear them. Obviously, Sharon resides in a profoundly personal relationship with God and listens carefully to the Holy Spirit. She uses her skills and gifts to encourage and nudge us toward spiritual answers. Hoping I can enjoy more from her deep well of wisdom."  - Tamela, White Hall, AR

"Sharon's words to me from God were spot on.  They were not only confirmation to the wisdom and insights that God has given to me through my prayers and my life experiences; Her words were very encouraging to me and gave me more confidence to follow the path that I feel that God has laid out for me."  - Norma, Blythewood, SC

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